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A Range of water-less products that allow you to wash without water The shampoo effectively cleans your hair leaving you fresh and odour free.


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Pits & Bits Shampoo Information

The range has been designed to allow the front-line soldier in the field to have a ‘proper’ wash without having to worry about using his precious drinking water to clean off the residue afterwards.  With a faint hint of apples, the shampoo is pleasantly fragrant but still acceptable to a manly man, and whilst the sensation of putting a liquid onto your hair and not having water to wash it off afterwards is initially quite odd, it does achieve the ‘refreshing’ feeling that you’d hope for.Be it in Afghanistan or on Salisbury plain, you can give yourself a quick wash.  An effective way of looking after yourself. The bottles are small, holding 65ml of the fluid, and fairly robust so they’re unlikely to split or burst.