Svartz Anatomic Footbed

The Svartz Footbed is shaped to support the natural heel and ankle alignment whilst the shock absorbing capabilities ensure all day comfort.


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Select Insole Size 3 (UK 4½-6) 4 (UK 6½-8) 5 (UK 8½-10) 6 (UK 10½-12) 7 (UK 12-14)
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Svartz Anatomic Footbed Information

Anatomic Footbed has been specifically designed for those walking or running ‘tabbing’ over rough terrain. The footbed is especially effective on long descents, where impact on knees and joints needs to be reduced.  The absorber combines maximum shock absorption with a 3 dimensional underfoot support for maximum foot stability.
Breathable footbed cover
Maximum shock absorbtion
Maximum flexibility
Ankle underfoot support
Improved stabilisation
3 (UK 4½-6),
4 (UK 6½-8),
5 (UK 8½-10),
6 (UK 10½-12),
7 (UK 12-14)